Literaturschock: Could you tell your German fans something about yourself? (family, hobbies and so on)

Jane Welch: I'm married with two young children, who take up any of my spare time away from writing so what hobbies I did have are long since passed. We do however go for walks in the beautiful countryside around our home and are continually battling with a wild garden that we are trying to turn into a paradise. I used to be a ski instructor and loved riding but there's no time for any of that at the moment. Maybe when my children are older ... And I love reading of course.

Literaturschock: What was the one event in your life that told you "I'm going to be a writer?"

Jane Welch: There wasn't one; I just always knew that was what I wanted to be.

Literaturschock: What did you feel when your first book was published?

Jane Welch: Delighted, of course. At the same time, however, it doesn't feel quiet real and like birthdays doesn't change one's life quite as much as you think it would.

Literaturschock: Where did you get your ideas about the Runespell Trilogy?

Jane Welch: It grew from very small images within my mind. I start by writing about a place that I have imagined and once I have palced a character in that context and given them a problem of some sort the rest simply begins to flow.

Literaturschock: Which of your novels do you like most? Why?

Jane Welch: I always like the one I've just written best. I do actually think my stories have got better as I've gone along. But I always have a soft spot for The Runes of War simply because it was my first.

Literaturschock: Do you have a favourite character?

Jane Welch: Probably Caspar but I'm very attached to most of them!

Literaturschock: Were you allowed to design the cover and title by yourself?

Jane Welch: Oh no! The covers are done by professional artists and designers.

Literaturschock: Are you in close contact with other authors and your fans?

Jane Welch: I see authors from time to time at various does and get-togethers and I receive a lot of emails from readers.

Literaturschock: What are your current projects? Can you give us a little sneak preview of the next books?

Jane Welch: I'm writing the last book in my new trilogy The Book of Ond, which I regret has not yet been translated into German. The book is called the Allegiance of Man. I shall put extracts on my website as soon as I'm organized!

Literaturschock: What is the most difficult thing about writing? The easiest?

Jane Welch: The most difficult is thinking up sensible answer to interview questions and the easiest is doing the actual writing.

Literaturschock: Do you want to continue writing fantasy novels? Or do you plan to write about something else?

Jane Welch: I've always wanted to write fantasy and haven't been seduced by anything else yet.

Literaturschock: Do you have any special methods to plan a new book (which)?

Jane Welch: No, not really. I simply have to sit down and write out a rough idea. The finished article bears some relation to its beginnings but not all that much so I don't worry too much about detail in a plan. I simple have to think hard to come up with some good ideas!

Literaturschock: How does your normal working day look like?

Jane Welch: I write all morning, stop for a short while until lunch and then write until it's time to pick the children up from school. If my deadline is approaching I may have to go back to work in the evening once the children are asleep.

Literaturschock: How long did it take you to write your first book?

Jane Welch: About nine months.

Literaturschock: How much of your own experiences do you share with your characters?

Jane Welch: Very few! My books are in no way autobiographical.

Literaturschock: What were your experiences in finding a publisher?

Jane Welch: I was very lucky in that I was accepted by the very first publisher to whom I submitted my book.

Literaturschock: What were the differences in working on the sequel compared to working on the first book?

Jane Welch: In the first book I spent a lot of time inventing my main characters and the fundamentals of their world. Since then it has been watching how those characters develop and expanding on the world. The first book in a series lays out the basis for the story and so I have to spend ore time wondering what should happen. Later on I have to ensure that it happens in an interesting way and that although only a part of the whole story each individual book is satisfying in its own right. I find it easiest to write the first book in a trilogy since I am not constrained by what has already gone before.

Literaturschock: Do you have a favorite writer or book?

Jane Welch: I know it's a boring answer and that everyone will be saying this now because the film has just come out but The Lord of the Rings has ALWAYS been my favourite book.

Literaturschock: Thank you so much, Jane! I really appreciate your taking the time to let me interview you!

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