Literaturschock: Reading your books makes so much fun! I love Lady Mayhem Grandma Mazur and the sexy Joe Morelli, but my favourite character is Rex. I imagine that you love animals? Do you have your own pets?

Janet Evanovich: My kids had hamsters while they were growing up. We've also always had dogs, cats, bird and any other lost animal that found it's way to our home. Once we took in a lost ferret until we could find it's owner.

Literaturschock: I know, you are asked almost every question again and again but is there any question you are never asked, but you wish people would ask you?

Janet Evanovich: Butterscotch Krimpet or Chocolate Junior?

Literaturschock: What about Stephanie's love life? What is going to happen with Joe and Ranger?

Janet Evanovich: I'm not telling!

Literaturschock: Since you are from New Jersey: Do you think the people of New Jersey have that special sense of humor? Would you tell us something about the life in New Jersey?

Janet Evanovich: Life in Jersey is pretty much like life anywhere else, family, love, sex and the occassional bag of Cheez Doodles. Jersey just rachets it up a notch. BAM!

Literaturschock: If there would be a movie and only you could choose the crew: Who would be Steph, Joe, Ranger and Grandma Mazur?

Janet Evanovich: Casting is hard. I like the idea of Sandra Bullock for Stephanie. She was great in Miss Congeniality. I also think the Rock would be fun for Ranger

Literaturschock: Steph is scared by guns. Do you have your own experiences with guns?

Janet Evanovich: When I first started writing the series I went out and took some lessons and learned what it is like to shoot. Scares the shit out of me.

Literaturschock: Nothing can stop Grandma Mazur. She shoots the chicken at the dinner table and she would like to be a bounty hunter, too. Who inspired you to create such a charakter?

Janet Evanovich: Grandma Mazur is loosely based on my Aunt Lena. She was a pip!

Literaturschock: The first book you published was a romance novel. What do you think is the difference between writing a romance and writing a mystery?

Janet Evanovich: I have a lot more freedom with the mystery. When I was writing romance novels the relationship was the plot and the publishers didn't want any other plot. Plus I wasn't allowed to swear. I had to keep calling it a "throbbing member". I'm from Jersey. It's a dick!

Literaturschock: What do you think is the most difficult and the easiest thing about writing?

Janet Evanovich: Not much is easy about writing but the BEST thing about writing is getting up in the morning knowing I'm going to have all day to tell myself stories. The most difficult thing is trying to write without eating Cheez Doodles.

Literaturschock: How long does it take you to write a book?

Janet Evanovich: About a year.

Literaturschock: Thank you so much, Janet! I really appreciate your taking the time to let me interview you.

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